Our Commitment


Providing world-class ship management services, we conduct our operations under the strictest occupational health and safety standards and are committed to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.


Our Policies


We strive to promote safety at sea. In order to comply we are committed to continuous efforts to identify and manage safety risks associated to operations at sea.


In order to ensure that we achieve the targeted quality service we have established the SMS in order to continuously monitor all the aspects of the company’s operations.


We at Naviera Ulises are committed to monitor and improve our environmental performance, by continuously monitor and reduce our environmental risks.


We at Naviera Ulises recognize that the people ashore and onboard our managed vessels have a central role to play, respects their diversity and fosters their development and learning. In this respect the Company is committed to create the right atmosphere, open and calm so that everyone ashore and onboard is motivated and can contribute to the effective implementation of Company’s objectives.

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