Commercial Management

Commercial Management
Sale & Purchase

. . . we have the potential to provide consulting on the timing a vessel to be purchased or to be sold and the price the owners should be targeting in both cases.

Investing & Financing

. . . we can provide consulting services to our customers to raise appropriate finance for ship acquisition or even advice them on efficiently structuring a shipping related portfolio.

Specification & Plan Evaluation

. . . within our capabilities we can provide assistance in the evaluation of a vessels specification. Where we do not have direct experience with the vessel type being acquired, we seek advice of specialists.

Pre Purchase Survey

. . . we have the knowledge to curry out thorough inspections on purchase candidates, preparing its pre-purchase inspection reports and related executive summaries.

Construction Supervision

. . . our company can provide assistance at any phase of any new building program by ensuring a vessel is built according to the shipbuilding contract and specification.

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